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Responses to Presentations

The following responses to Ann's lectures and workshops are from letters; one is from an article and one is from conference evaluations.

November, 2005

“Thank you so much for taking the time to come to the Exploratorium yesterday.  It was really inspiring to see the images and hear your descriptions of Reggio and the MELC.  After hearing your talk I’m even more interested in reading your article (Playing to Learn, 1991).” Karen Wilkinson, Co-Founder and Director, Playful Invention & Exploration Institute, The Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA

“You were superb today on ‘Live AT Nine.’  Thanks for this wonderful segment.” Ron Walter, President and General Manager, WREG-TV, Memphis, TN

January, 2006

“Thank you for speaking last night.  Your love for young children and their families and respect for the close relationship that can develop between faculty and a director was so evident.  Your presentation was warm, relaxed, and fascinating . . .” Marley Joyce, Director, St. John’s Preschool, Washington, DC

“How exciting that my students could hear your motivational words about involving families.  I shared your book and what a fabulous presenter you are to the Early Childhood faculty at our Department meeting. I can’t tell you how thrilling it was to meet you and have you share your expertise with us.” Donna Rafanello, Assoc. Editor & Writing Project Director, Exchange Press; Asst. Professor, Child & Adult Development, Long Beach (CA) City College          

“Thanks again for blessing us with your presence this morning.  John & Ananda were in awe.” Pia James, Associate Producer, “The John Salley Block Party with Ananda Lewis," KKBT-100.3 The Beat, Los Angeles, CA

February, 2006

“Listening to you my mind just started turning with all the ways I could incorporate the teaching tools you use in my own life as teacher/mother/rabbi.” Rabbi Tara Feldman, Temple Israel, Memphis, TN

“Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with our group.  Your visit was inspirational.” Melissa Burnham, Ph.D., Assoc. Professor, Director of Graduate Studies, Dept. of Human Development & Family Studies, University of Nevada, Reno

March, 2006

“Your work inspires me to do what is best for children.” Carrye Sowell, Teacher, New Leaders for New Schools, Memphis, TN


“I can’t begin to tell you how rich, exciting, and perfect your presentation was.” Dalila Machado, Founder and Director, Natural Learning School, Memphis, TN

April, 2006

“Thanks for your talk at Kiwanis on the school.  Maybe all is not lost.  Your hopeful, joyful solution girds me up.  Thanks.” — The Hon. John Colton, Criminal Court Judge, Memphis, TN


August, 2006

“Thanks for everything you said and did yesterday! You definitely sparked a much needed and long overdue conversation.  Teachers who have been grumpy and non-vocal were challenged and I think we all have a focus on which we all can agree.” [Name withheld to protect teachers]

September, 2006

Educational Innovator Visits Bing

“Passionate and eloquent, Lewin-Benham described children’s accomplishments and their families’ involvement at her school, illustrating her talk with slides and examples of documentation put together by teachers.  Lewin-Benham talked about the history, philosophy, and practice of a preschool in the tradition of progressive education in a challenging urban area.  The inspiring account showed that children and families in poverty will thrive then their abilities are promoted and their intellect respected.”

 S. Stanislavskaya, Enrollment Administrator, “The Bing Times,” Bing Nursery School, Department of Psychology, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

October, 2006

Thank you for your kicking off our Summer Reading Series!  Your presentation was fascinating, insightful, and inspiring.” Kira Duke, Special Events Director, National Civil Rights Museum, Memphis, TN

January, 2007

“The information you shared about the philosophy of the Reggio Approach is invaluable.” Katy Spurlock, Director, The Urban Child Institute, Memphis, TN

February, 2007

“Thank you for sharing your wisdom, knowledge, and love of children with my faculty and other friends that have come to hear you at Grace St. Luke’s Preschool.  I have been thrilled with what you brought here to share.  Your knowledge and enthusiasm are just what we were looking for.” Jane Sharp, Director, Grace St. Luke’s Episcopal School, Memphis TN

October, 2007

 “Ann did a WONDERFUL presentation . . .Everyone who was there got a LOT out of the informative and inspiring presentation and will certainly come back for more.  This is a new location, and Ann set a high standard for our educational events there.  We would be very interested in doing an event to  launch her new book seeking co-sponsorship with NAEYC, NBCDI, ASCD . . .” — Deborah Menkart, Executive Director, Teaching for Change, Washington, DC

November, 2007

“Thank you – about a gazillion – for your presentation!  Conference reviews have been consistently positive.  We deeply appreciate your help in making this a beneficial experience for all.  Thank you for your unique presentation.” Ilace Mears, Board Member, Tennessee Association for the Education of Young Children

June, 2008

On evaluation forms all participants agreed or strongly agreed that Ann’s workshop was of high quality, the information inspiring, the slides and handouts helpful, and they would recommend that others take the workshop. National Association for the Education of Young Children-Professional Development Institute, New Orleans, LA


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