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Drawing of 3 preschoolers discovering a goldfish bowl in their classroom
Over the years articles by Ann have been published on diverse aspects of education. Her article on children’s museums is a classic, used by many museums to introduce new staff to the history of children’s museums, their philosophy, and purpose.

She opened the first computer-based classroom on the east coast and for a decade, as the microcomputer revolution swept America, was a major voice on using computers with children and families in informal learning environments. She worked with industry leaders from Atari and Apple, with high tech gurus like Seymour Papert and Alan Kay, and was there at the birth of the microcomputer’s incursion into the social fabric. In her article “Down with Green Lambs” she criticized mindless software and predicted the kind of graphics and challenges needed to engage young children’s extremely active minds.

As a passionate, lifelong environmentalist, Ann wrote the article “One Teacher, 20 Preschoolers, and a Goldfish” (Young Children, March, 2006, 28-34) on how to teach preschoolers about the environment. It is available online at the NAEYC’s web site “Beyond the Journal”, here. It includes two extensive annotated environmental “bibliographies” one for teachers, the other for children and a short list of useful web sites, all available here. Reviewer NMB at the Ohio Resource Center says: “Teachers using the project approach and interdisciplinary planning in their classrooms will find this article very useful.”

Ann’s college alumni magazine published a short article, “Be true to thine own self” (Bryn Mawr Alumnae Bulletin, Winter, 1999, 16-17) It is her candid assessment of the challenges of being a working mother. The article can be read at

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